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Business Bullying is unacceptable -- regardless who it is. From the largest companies in the world right down to a mom and pop establishment, don't fall prey to dishonest companies any longer. Help us in helping everyone by exposing these Business Bullies -- it's the only way they will stop what they are doing!

HAVE YOU BEEN DUPED? Did a company recently deceive or cheat you out of money, charge your credit card without your permission, sale your email address, continues to charge you for same thing over and over, refuses to issue a refund or credit for their mistake, etc?

We receive a lot of horror stories from many people regarding companies who have made their life miserable. As many of you know, Jodie Lynn reports on various companies who have continuously caused individuals enormous amounts of grief in their professional and personal lives. These companies claim to be business institutions built on a foundation of great ethic, professional, reputable, organized, trustworthy and moral business practices but yet "dupe" the general public, as well as other businesses, in varying degrees of situations and all types of scenarios.

If you have truly experienced a similar situation as described above and have done everything that the company has asked you to do by following their rules, regulations and etc., and can prove that you have done so, have all of your records, (including all communication with the company and/or individuals who represent them), please feel free to give us a healthy dose of insightful information pertaining to your specific challenge. Write as much as you can on our contact form. Click here! Or, send us a note at --- pr media 2 u @ parenttoparent .com --- (WRITE IT AS A REGULAR EMAIL ADDY) and close all spaces.

While we may not be able to instantly help, we'll try to do our best to investigate your situation and get to the bottom of the problem. If the company is not willing to straighten, correct and/or offer an agreeable restitution, we will gladly share your story, our follow up, and conclusion about the company with the rest of the world. As it has been for the past 12 years, this is a free service to the millions of readers for the internationally syndicated column, Parent to Parent, written by Jodie Lynn.

*Please note that it takes money, time, effort and plenty of follow through to evaluate and review each case. A response from our staff should be expected within 6 to 8 weeks.

Should you require legal advice and decide to use one of our company attorneys, as opposed to finding one on your own, you will be billed from their office.

*Although we would like to keep this a free service in benefiting all parents everywhere, just because you deserve it, we may be required to begin charging if our grant is not approved. However, our goal for the first 4 or 5 months of 2009 is to be able to continue offering it as a free service. If (and when) we are forced to charge a fee of any kind, you will always be notified and allowed to make a decision to stay or withdraw before any work is done on your behalf.

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