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School is Right Around the Corner for Many: Getting Ready for Kindergarten. Moms -- Are YOU Ready For Kindergarten?

When little ones enter a new era in their life via first day of school, it's scary for them and especially for the Moms. While there's plenty that could go wrong on that first day, it usually goes pretty smooth.

Here's a list of handy tips to possibly ease the first day jitters:

Visit the new school. There‛s almost always someone in the school office at least one to two weeks before school begins. Call and make an appointment to visit the school even before orientation day. It‛s a wonderful experience for your child and an extreme confidence builder. He will get to peek inside classrooms and find out just where the bathroom and lunchroom are located.

Stay calm. When the time moves closer for this important benchmark to take place, moms love to share “mom feelings” with all of the neighbors, friends and family. It‛s okay, just use caution when doing it. Watch what you are saying and to whom you are saying it and when you are saying it - a little pair of ears might be listening.

Be mindful of your tone. If your child is excited to be going, encourage that. If he is anxious, don‛t build on it. Clingy kids need to know you cannot stay with them at school. Some little ones are going to get on the bus or jump out of the car and happily wave good-bye. However, there will be others who will cling onto your leg like a pair of too-tight pantyhose.

Talk about the school schedule. A few days ahead of time, but not too early to cause confusion, share information about what a typical day might entail. Be sure he knows that you cannot stay with him.

Be prepared. Beginning kindergarten is a big step for your child. However, it is the moms who need the most handholding. Isn't‛t that a hoot! Your little guy is embarking on a new fast-paced adventure and needs to know that you are OK with him leaving you.

Explain how he will get home. If your child is riding a bus, the bus driver will usually have a trial run in your neighborhood. Find out which day that is and invite your child to watch how carefully the bus driver drives. In many areas, the bus company or school district will invite children who are riding the bus to take a ride on the exact bus that they will ride on and to meet the bus driver. Don‛t miss this opportunity. It makes a world of difference.

Lighten up and fly straight! Freedom to choose. When you get your kindergartner‛s school supply list, let him hold onto it and allow him to make his own choices. He will feel so proud to be able to select his own lunchbox, markers, glue, crayons - the whole list, if possible. You read the name of the item to him and point in the area where each one can be found, and let him pick it.

Start preparing now. To get yourself - and your child, too - more familiar with kindergarten, read “Let‛s Get Ready for Kindergarten,” by Stacey Kannenberg. It will help immensely! And, for you clingy moms, (yes, I'm guilty) begin to get organized now for next year for FIRST GRADE by reading “Let‛s Get Ready for First Grade,” by Stacey Kannenberg - you‛ll have a whole year to grow out of your withdrawal symptoms! See for more details.

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