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Parents get remedy for homework ills
By Jodie Lynn

Q: Our daughter is in the seventh grade and each day I dread the homework battles. What motivates kids to get their assignments done without daily confrontations?


Each day when our son got home from school, he was anxious to turn on the computer and check out new bands or download songs. He was really interested in the whole recording process. We made a deal with him that if he would complete his homework without us nagging him, we would purchase a software program that he could use to record his own voice and burn a CD of his songs. Once he got into the habit of doing homework, it just stuck with him. When his grades quickly improved and he saw the results, he was very proud of his accomplishments. The teachers all praised him and wanted to know how we got him to turn around his study habits, attitude and self-esteem. Today, he is a senior in high school and we haven't had a battle over homework in years. - Max G. in WA


It sounds like the daily homework battle has become routine to your daughter and she knows the outcome before it ever gets started. Because kids come in all shapes and sizes and all have individual personalities, things work best with different children during difficult times. Trying a new approach may be the key in ending the homework battle and simultaneously become a tool in motivation. Stop doing whatever you have done in the past and try something different. If finding a passion and building on it in a positive manner seems to work, as it did in the advice above, stick with it. If you've already promised and bought her material things, do the opposite. Above all else, stay consistent in your rules.


Ľ My grandson is 15 and he catches rides with his 17-year-old friend. Two other teens are also in the car. The driver usually text messages on his phone while continuing to drive. The kids in the back seat encourage the driver but my grandson notices that he is becoming more and more distracted as he continues to text. What should be said to the driver? What should he do if his friend does not stop?

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