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Dealing with yelling teacher and nightmares
by Jodie Lynn

My 7-year-old is having nightmares about his teacher. His teacher is a man and I have heard him yell at the kids. The principal is unwilling to step in and talk to the teacher.Should we go to the school board?

This is a form of child abuse and you need to take action quickly. Step up to the plate and go straight to the school board. - James in Wash.

I went through this with my child and he not only had nightmares but woke up screaming, wet the bed, had stomach aches and begged not to go to school. The principal and the superintendent refused to transfer my child to another room. Home schooling was not an option at the time. Please take him out immediately and home school him. - B. W. in Fla.

We have gone through this and did not get any support from anyone. We had to move our family to get away from the school, teacher and even neighbors. Do what it takes to protect your child. - R. B. in Okla. You could try to tape the teacher without his knowledge. We did this by placing one of the hand-held recorders for kids like Yak Back, and it was the only thing that saved our daughter and tons of others from more terrifying days and endless sleepless nights. - S. A. in Calif.

I am a teacher and know exactly what you are facing. I hear the first grade teacher next door to me screaming. She has a large class and no organizational skills to work with. Maybe if you went in and offered to help out, there would be a huge difference very quickly? If not, do whatever you need to do to keep your child's school experience positive. - J. L. in Ontario

From Jodie: I personally know of an incident very similar and the school board took the mom's complaint over the phone and said that they would certainly get things changed right away. Then they met behind closed doors with the teacher and came back to the mom and said that nothing could be done and the teacher was not out of line.


It's a pretty sticky situation for everyone involved. If you go to the teacher first, it might help but it could add fuel to the fire.

Ask other parents if their children are experiencing similar behavior or if you have a fear of making enemies, as it might just be your child he is yelling at, ask some of the previous year's students. Look in the previous year's school directory and call parents who had kids in his room last year. Introduce yourself and tell them a little about the situation.

If you find that several have made complaints about the same thing, go to the superintendent and ask for advice. If you do not get satisfaction from these steps, you might have to seek another avenue rather quickly. To be perfectly honest, depending on how long this has been going on, he may not ever get over this. Yes, it's just that serious!

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