Jodie's Autograph

Would you like to have a personal autographed book, T-shirt, coffee mug or any other Mommy-CEO or Mom CEO product for either yourself or someone special in your life?

Here's how to have any of your product(s) autographed. This includes Jodie Lynn's best selling books, Mommy-CEO, revised edition, the upcoming Mom CEO book(s), or the two she contributed to: Why Aren't You Your Own Boss and The Entrepreneurial Parent. She will also personalize any item(s).

On the book(s) and/or any other product(s) put a post-it with the person's name you would like Jodie to autograph it to.

Include a self-addressed stamped envelope or stamped return package (due to dates -- please do not use metered postage). Make sure the envelope or box is large enough to return your item(s) to you. Or, if you want it mailed straight to a special person, make sure their correct address and correct self-stamped postage is on it. Should you decide to do so, you can include a personal note that you would like for Jodie to write. Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for delivery. Due to the high volume of requests, Parent to Parent or Jodie Lynn cannot be responsible for late, lost, stolen or broken product(s). Coffee mugs, coffee cups and any material type items (T-shirts, caps, sweatshirts, etc.) will be autographed in washable ink or marker.

Our own Mom CEO and Mommy CEO merchandise store is now here! Books can be purchased from,,,,, in the favorite book section on our site, or can be ordered from any bookstore through Ingram, Baker and Taylor or Spring Arbor Book Suppliers. Send your copy(ies) and the envelope/package to:

Parent to Parent
Jodie Lynn
2464 Taylor Rd. Suite 131
Wildwood, MO 63040

Jodie Lynn originated the term Mom CEO™ and Mommy CEO™ (and CEO MOM™) in 1989, and all implications in honoring "balance in the life of moms/women" in print since 1996 as the real CEO of Household™.

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