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Thank you for visiting our site! There are several options in contacting various departments, asking or answering questions and other pertinent info about our site and columnists. Please send an email on our Contact Form.

Or, if you would rather send us an email without filling out the form, please follow the exact instructions below.

Due to the overwhelming amount of mail we receive, please send any questions, answers or information pertaining to any of the following:

  • CONTEST Entry
  • Syndication query for Jelly Mom, Parent to Parent, and/or any other columnist
  • Personal question to any of our columnists
  • Family/parenting question or answer to a current or previous Parent to Parent, Jelly Mom, or any other column
  • Product, client, potential Adding Wisdom Award winner
  • Personal notes
  • Book, game, toy, or website
  • MEDIA QUERY pertaining to Parent to Parent, Jelly Mom, or any other column as well as product questions for potential placement/feature in Parent to Parent

Addressed to: direct 2 contact at parent to parent dot com. Please note: If you are a human and not a machine, you will know how to type the correct format into the address bar of the email that you are sending us.

In the subject line, please type your complete email address, (NOT your title or name). We must see a verifiable email address. You are welcome to add a brief message in the SUBJECT line. Of course, you can write a detailed message in the body of the email. Our email reply will be from PTP Support.

YOU CAN ALSO CALL US! If you have a parenting/family or women's issue, question, tip or suggestion, give us a call! 1 877 CEOS R WE (236 7793). If you get a generic recording, please leave a message. You must leave your complete name, message and phone number with area code. One of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible. FRIENDLY REMINDER: We are usually available to answer emails much quicker than phone calls. Please keep this in mind when needing an immediate response, especially during the holiday season. If your concern is regarding our annual Parent to Parent Holiday Gift Guide or our award program, LIFE BUZZ AWARD, we'd prefer a detailed email. Please visit for additional information.

Please accept our apologies in advance for any inconvenience. We really want to get your email and look forward to communicating with you soon!

We appreciate your loyality and look forward to hearing from you.

Always Best Success!

PTP Support Team

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