* I am Chief Household Officer™ and a Mom CEO (Chief Everything Officer)™ as I do everything for everyone everyday in my family.

I am a cook: I try to cook healthy meals for my family, select fresh produce, veggies and plan for the best choices.

I am a judge: I evaluate options for my family. I evaluate others and look carefully at the people, places and things that come into contact with my kids, husband and myself. I look for the best schools, teachers, books, games and activities for my children.

I am a nurse: I run cold water over cuts, gently clean off scrapes with a soft washcloth, and a good topping of appropriate medicine, and carefully cover it with a band-aid. I look down throats, inside ears, eyes and some places, I cannot mention here, just to be sure my kids are healthy.

I am a bottle washer: I wash the dishes, pots, and pans. I also wash my windows, and sometimes, my car.

I am a house cleaner: I dust, vacuum, pick up things that are scattered here and there. I clean and scrub toilets, bathtubs, showers, shower doors, mirrors, carpets and everything in-between.

I am a bottom, mouth and nose wiper (not necessarily in that order).

I am a cheerleader: I cheer on my kids and my husband to be the best that they can be and try to lift their spirits as far into the sky as possible.

I am a bookkeeper: I put money in and take money out of the checking and saving account. I balance the budget and the checkbook.

I am a scheduler: I schedule pick up times, practices, games, activities, school functions, dance classes, baby-sitters, dentist and doctor appointments (and on and on).

I am a chauffeur: I drive my kids everywhere, everyday for everything. I also drive a carpool and drive other kids around.

I am a teacher: I teach my kids how to be responsible individuals in things that they say, do and live by. I teach them to be polite, fair, and caring and to complete their chores with pride. I teach them about God.

I am a diaper changer, volunteer, member of the PTA, wife, lover, mother, playmate, friend, referee, sister, grandmother, aunt or step-mom.

I am an entrepreneur: striving to make ends meet as a work at home mom and trying to accomplish showmanship in my aspirations, goals, achievements and passion for motherhood.

I am a lover, friend and soul mate for my husband: I struggle daily with working on my relationship with my husband as having a successful and positive marriage is tons of hard work. I try to be a good friend, listening, when I'd like to be talking about my own day. Finding and keeping your soul mate is almost exhausting, but I want our marriage to be a real partnership and reciprocate lifting our spirits for each other. I strive to be the best 'Chic Wife' (a 'Chic Wife' is a 'Swanky Wife' and 'Swanky Mom' -- cute, sexy, fun and intelligent). I can be steamy sexy, smell good, stay in shape, cook and have a clean house for my family, my hubby and myself.

I am not validated in the real world; therefore, I sometimes stay in a state of depression and am distressed most of the time. I cover it up with food, clothes, shopping, make-up and/or working like a robot stuck in third gear. I can feel sad, glad, hyper, sexy, loving and lifeless all in the same hour. I am so many other things that it would take several pages to fill if I were to write down every single thing I do each hour, day, week and year.

I am the real CEO in life and Chief Household Officer™ and deserve that title before anyone else but no one seems to care or even believe me. I am overworked, underpaid and certainly under appreciated. I get not one drop of respect for doing my job. While everyone says, 'raising kids is the hardest job on earth,' the media and society in general, including other moms, play lip service to the phrase and think that Motherhood is not a REAL career.

I am a Mom CEO™ and a Mom CEO (Chief Everything Officer)™ and I will begin to believe this with all of my existence from this day forward. I will write, wear and think the CEO title just as the other great ones do. I will refer to myself as a CEO in conversations with others and claim validation through my title by spreading the word that moms are the real CEOs in life.

I am a Mom CEO™ , CEO Mom™ , Mommy CEO™ , CEO of Household™ , Mom CEO (Chief Executive Officer™), Mom CEO (Chief Everywhere Officer™), Mom CEO (Chief Everything Officer)™ and CHO (Chief Household Officer)™ .

I already act the part, fill the shoes and do the job. If I believe it, so will society, the media and other moms. I can help other moms feel comfortable with this title and help them to celebrate who we are.

I do everything for everyone everyday and am just as important as any CEO as I am a Mom CEO (Chief Everything Officer)™ and am proud to say so.

I say, "It's about time and thank goodness Oprah, Dr. Phil and so many others are 'getting it' and supporting our roles.'"

* NOTE: Single moms are certainly Mom CEOs and Chief Household Officer™. In fact, I was raised by a single mom who worked very hard to provide what she could for the family. Additionally, I was one myself for more than four years. Knowing firsthand that single moms are extremely important and appreciating all you do, is of utmost importance in today's society and you are the real CEO and Chief Household Officer™ in life!

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