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"Over the last decade, we have used many companies in helping us distribute our news releases; both, and We get great attributes and media attention from PR Newswire/eReleases ( and

"In fact, in November, NPR called and scheduled an interview...we were ecstatic! Better yet, we have an interview coming up in a national magazine for the second time in four months! If you want results, go with a true leader who hones and utilizes the best marketing strategy that inspires and captures your specific goal."

~ Jodie Lynn, CEO/founder,,, and Syndication Secrets - What No One Will Tell You! and Mom CEO (Chief Everything Officer) - Having, Doing, and Surviving It All!

About Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award™
Established in 1998 by syndicated family/health columnist and author, Jodie Lynn, this award honors products and websites of outstanding quality that support family and educational values. The Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award™ committees are comprised of experts from across the United States who are involved with children and families on a daily basis. These committees look for products that entertain and teach, inspiring imagination and creativity. Additionally, the committees are interested in how products help children and their families grow ethically, socially, intellectually, emotionally, and physically in everyday life and/or inspire better momentum financially for families through motivational skills and concepts in a business situation. After the committees approve products and websites, they are then given or forwarded to Family Testing Groups --real families-- for testing, reviewing and evaluating before final decisions are reached. New categories have been added for Cook Books, Business Books, Getting Organized, Unique Products, Publisher's Websites, Household Tools and more. See for more details.

Jodie Lynn originated the term Mom CEO™ and Mommy CEO™ (and CEO MOM™) in 1989, and all implications in honoring "balance in the life of moms/women" in print since 1996 as the real CEO of Household™, CHO (Chief Household Officer™) and Mom CEO (Chief Everything Officer)™.

Mom, CEO (Chief Everything Officer)™...cause, Moms are the real CEOs in life!

Jodie's philosophy in life: ALL MOMS ARE WORKING MOMS and have earned the CEO title long before anyone else!

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Due to a long illness within Ms. Lynn's family, this page is not up to date. Please visit us again soon for current activities and events. 10/28/11 ~ Thank you! 2011 Parent to Parent Staff Members

02/19/09 - Parent to Parent™ Includes Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama - Mom-in-Chief and others in 13th Year Celebration

12/08/08 - Author Joanne C. King Turns the Focus Back on Family with A New Multi-Award Winning CD-ROM; Answers

12/08/08 - Why Positive Thinkers Have the Power has Garnished Seven Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Awards

11/26/08 - WHOOHOO! We're Extending Our GO GREEN Opportunities Just for You!

09/26/08 - "GeereMusic Inc. wins 10 awards for two Educational Children's CDs, Celebrate! and Music of the Masters vol. 1!"

09/22/08 - New Award-winning Children's Book Provides a Fun Way to Teach Basic Family Values to Children

07/04/08 - Big Universe Brings Home Prestigious Adding Wisdom Award!

07/04/08 - Tiny Treasures Garnishes Two Adding Wisdom Awards!

06/30/08 - CEO, Ken Bossone, Positive Thinkers Shares Jodie Lynn's Journey!

05/15/08 - wins Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award™ in three categories!

05/11/08 - Jelly Mom™ Gains Online Presence & Garnishes 2008 Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award™

05/02/08 - Nap Pack wins "Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award"


04/25/08 - Baby Butler Hands-Free Bottle Holder Wins "Parent To Parent Wisdom Award"

04/22/08 - Popular Preschool Friends Barney™, Thomas™, Pingu™ and Bob the Builder™ Garner Awards and Honors from National Organizations

10/04/07 - Jodie Lynn signs on as a special weekly columnist with "Dear Jodie" begins October 03, 2007 and appears every Wednesday.

02/15/07 - Techno Source Products Receive "Best Toy" and "Best New Toy" Honors

01/23/07 - Parent to Parent™ presents: Who is your Valentine Sweetie?

01/22/07 - Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award™ Best of and Top 2006 Winners

01/18/07 - Humor Book Receives 2006 Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Awards

12/21/06 - Entries for the Hottest Gift Guide to Spend Christmas Cash!

11/29/06 - Parent to Parent Announces Exciting Sixth Annual Holiday Gift Guide

10/31/06 - Parent to Parent™ launches their call for product entry for Sixth annual Adding Wisdom Award™ Holiday Gift Guide

09/19/06 - Jelly Mom™ Published In "America's Funniest Humor!" Book Two

07/17/06 - BRAND NEW Talk Radio Show signs on family/health columnist to launch Back To School!

06/20/06 - Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award Featured in Games Quarterly Magazine 2006 Special Edition

05/03/06 - Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award Teams Up with National Games Week 2006

04/24/06 - Lynn's "Syndication Secrets" has been published by Stacey Kannenberg Unlimited

03/28/06 - Jelly Mom™ Published In "America's Funniest Humor!" Book

03/01/06 - Jodie Lynn signs on as National Spokesperson for Stacey Kannenberg Unlimited!

02/16/06 - Jelly Mom columnist Lisa Barker joins the ranks of AWA recipients

01/30/06 - Jelly Mom™ Helps Kids In A Jam

01/06/06 - Jelly Mom™ Named Finalist In "America's Funniest Humor" Contest

12/14/05 - Amazing Holiday Gift Guide for 2005

11/15/05 - Adding Wisdom Award Has New Site and Categories

10/20/05 - Jelly Mom™ Is Honored Again In "America's Funniest Humor" Contest

09/26/05 - Enlists Mom CEO and Family Health Educator, Jodie Lynn, as New Contributor

08/19/05 - Jelly Mom™ Wins Second Place In "America's Funniest Humor" Contest

07/26/05 - Disney Honor & AWA Picks Christmas in July Unique/Creative Products

07/13/05 - Parent To Parent Recognizes "Jelly Mom" Parenting Humor Column By Lisa Barker

06/22/05 - Amazing Honor from!

05/12/05 - Army families looking for child rearing advice now have a brand new place to turn.

04/13/05 - Jodie signs on with School News magazine!

03/08/05 - HomeschoolTalkRadio™ Enlists Syndicated Parenting/Family Expert, Jodie Lynn, for radio show and website.

02/18/05 -, Enlists Family Health Educator, Jodie Lynn, as new Mom to Mom Expert

01/31/05 - Work-at-Home Experts Join to Author Book Series for Busy Moms

12/21/04 - CBS MarketWatch - Adding Wisdom Award 2004 Gift Guide

11/01/04 - LA Times

10/01/04 - Lynn joins

08/20/04 - Lynn signs on with

07/07/04 - Enlists Syndicated Parenting Expert, Jodie Lynn, for Website

06/01/04 - Stuttering Foundation Announces 2004 Journalism Award Winners

05/13/04 - Interview with Jenna Glatzer, Editor-in-Chief,

Editor and Publisher Magazine

Lynn continues to be praised for her hard work in helping to keep the Internet and household safe with her Parent To Parent Adding Wisdom Award. The Award, which is in its fourth year, is recognized globally and is causing quite a buzz in the world of business and among the media. Large companies - as well as small ones (some are listed in the Winner's Circle off of the main page) - are proud to be a part of her annual Keep The Web Safe campaign as it continues to grow.

Although she is founder and CEO of,, Parent to Parent/Martin-Ola Press, a Parent Educator and author, she is still a down to earth mom with kids and plenty of pets to make the house a real place to hang hearts and hats. She is the CEO of Household -- just like all moms.

All moms are working moms and are the real CEOs in the world!

To subscribe to ParentToParent in newspaper, magazine or radio form, please contact our Communication Staff at 2464 Taylor Rd., Suite 131, Wildwood, MO 63040.

If you have a book that you would like to see place in the top of the best seller list at - please sign up for this awesome and incredible marketing tool from my good friend, Randy Gilbert, Dr. Proactive!

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