Resources for Kids with Disabilities
From Parent To Parent

Love me a little
or love me a lot,
God made me special
and that's the rainbow with the pot.
From my parents, teachers
and God up above,
I still need hugs, grins
and lots of love.
I may not be perfect,
but neither are you,
I'm only one of millions --
and "We Count Too!"


Here are some great resources
Remember -- they have many other links included in their sites!

Make A Wish Foundation

Hugs and Hope Helping sick children one smile at a time.

Child & Adolescent Bipolar Foundation - Free materials for parents that are written by the leading authorities in the field of speech pathology. For Spanish speaking families use


EPEC - Educating Parents of Extra-special Children - Hyperlexia

The Grace Foundation of New York - Getting Resources for Autistic Children's Equality

Devoted to Raising Special Kids with Special Needs

Centers for Disease Control

Learning Disabilities Association

National Immunization Program

Medline Health Information

American Academy of Physicians

A Global Community of Disability Related Resources

Bandaids and Backyards

Special Diets

Alzheimer's Disease and Nutrition - Great site for information about what it is you're getting ready to swallow: prescriptions. - Plenty of advice on how to get and stay healthy.

National Organization of Mental Retardation

American Council of the Blind

American Foundation for the Blind

Family Friendly Fun with Special Needs offers access to mind, body and spirit-enriching information that enhances the quality and enjoyment of family life with special needs.

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