Who is a CEO MOM™ or a Mom CEO™?
Mom CEO™ Creed...a heartfelt but often unspoken appreciation for all moms.
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Move over Jack Welch, there's a new CEO in town - Mom CEO (Chief Everywhere Officer)™ and Mom CEO (Chief Everything Officer)™ - we are moms who are doing everything for everyone, everywhere, everyday...the real CEO in life -- Mom CEO™ and CEO Mom™!

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Parent to Parent is proud to have recently been voted one of the top web sites on the Internet by Dr. Phil and MomsTown!

Welcome to Parent to Parent.com, based on and featuring the syndicated newspaper column Parent To Parent™ written by internationally syndicated columnist, author and Family-Health Educator ~ Jodie Lynn.

Quick Easy Healthy Meals for the WHOLE Family! Let Menu Mom help you get dinner back on the table and still have time for your family (and yourself)!

Miss a recent Parent to Parent column? That's OK -- just go into my hometown newspaper to the Parenting Center and scroll down. While you're there, take a look around. See St. Louis-Post Dispatch Online for great info and plenty of parenting resources with more to come.

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We offer something for everyone and include regular columnists. A few are: Parent to Parent columns and articles written by Jodie Lynn; Buzz on Sports, by Jon Buzby; Family Humor, by Lisa Barker, and Divorce Help, by Susan Allan.

PARENT TO PARENT Advice! Help us help other moms and dads! Your opinion counts!

Read about all of Jodie's books here.

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Remember, being a CEO is what moms do best as we are everything to everyone everywhere everyday but we can still be our own person.

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Our Youth Sports Columnist, Jon Buzby says, "It's not whether you Win or Lose... But how many of us parents abide by that saying and, just as importantly, instill it in our children?" READ JON'S ADVICE...

TWITTER YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS! WHY NOT TWITTER YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS? I lost my job two months ago and my husband lost his last week. We are very interested in working from home...NOTE FROM JODIE: PLEASE NOTE: OK - I finally added my Twitter QuirkyChic

Divorced? Read our Ask The Divorce Coach written by Susan Allan. Need help, have questions or need support? Email your questions.

Business Bullies! BEEN DUPED? Did a company recently deceive or cheat you out of money, charge your credit card, not replace a defective product, etc? TELL US ABOUT IT HERE!

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Building Better Brains has never been easier. Here are some of our favorite books.

Use these resources to be the best Mom CEO™ you can be!
Parent To Parent Columns
PLEASE HELP OTHER PARENTS WITH YOUR ADVICE! ..... Stay tuned. More parenting tips are coming! ..... PLEASE HELP OTHER PARENTS WITH YOUR ADVICE! ..... Stay tuned. More parenting tips are coming! .....

Featured Books
Mom CEO (Chief Everything Officer)™ - Having, Doing, and Surviving It All! (June 2006)

ISBN: 1-933476-70-2

Mom CEO (Chief Everything Officer)™ - Having, Doing, and Surviving It All! by Jodie Lynn, is a book validating moms in motherhood and life in general. Providing inspiring strategies into daily challenges in parenting, family and the "Me Factor" proving once again that moms are far from being desperate housewives. Moms do everything for everyone everyday and deserve the CEO title before anyone else. Move over Jack Welch -- there's a new CEO in town! From running businesses, households to driving car pool and raising kids -- Moms are the real CEOs in life!

New: Syndication Secrets, What No One Will Tell you! by Jodie Lynn (March 2006) Finally, someone on the inside who has made it to the top offers tips on the syndication success. Best of all, she is willing to share inside secrets that newspaper and magazine editors don't want to tell you.

If you are thinking of writing a column of any kind, and would like to get it into newspapers or magazines, possibly get it syndicated or even if you are brave enough to do it on your own, then this book is for you. Click here for details

Mommy-CEO, 2001 Revised Edition, is a best selling parenting/health book that features advice from many parents and seven doctors. It offers down to earth advice from the real experts: Moms. You are the real CEO of Household! The 2001 revised edition can be purchased online at Walmart, Target, BooksAMillion, BarnesandNoble, Amazon or at any bookstore. Or, you can save $3.00...Buy it here!

Have you heard?

Before I Had Kids I Was A Size 9, by Lisa Barker
According to experts, cortisol is a hormone that can cause weight gain due to stress.

According to Lisa Barker, a.k.a. The Jelly Mom, kids are what cause elevated levels of cortisol.

In this second collection of Jelly Mom columns you'll find over 50 laughter breaks to get you through the endless weeks of parenting as well as help lower the levels of cortisol in your bloodstream. Buy it on Amazon!


Do you have a product or site that you think will make family life easier? Something for kids or moms and dads...maybe add a little fun and/or inspire a little wisdom? See details here!

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Who is a CEO MOM™ or a Mom CEO™?
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